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if  you use a smartphone,  remember that all the menus are in one long list and you need to browse this list to find the menu you look for

Want to make visible your organization as a participant in WSF process?

Here a step by step about entering the join.wsf platform 

My organization is interested in participating in WSF 2022, what can I do FROM NOW? 

Make your organization visible on the WSF Platform, ( if you or another person who feels legitimate to do so-

Here is a step by step guide to make your organization visible


STEP 1/ Create a personal account at User account 

A/ start filling the form (only starred fields are necessary) ( )  ( choose english language at top right part of the page) 
if the core group of organization xxxx is using a shared mail adress, it is relevant to use this address and the user name “ common xxxx” –  

B / After pressing the CREATE NEW ACCOUNT button

you see a message in green announcing that you will receive a message at the address you have specified

C / you go to your mailbox and receive an email at this address, with a text that says

“You can now choose your password by clicking on this link”  click on the link

D / a page appears with the title “password reset” press the CONNECT button

E / a page appears with as title the username you have chosen and you must choose the password, repeat it and press the “SAVE” button

F/ now  your account is finalized. Now you are in the  and you can enter and leave  anytime with the user name and this password  and move to step2



STEP 2 Sign up  with your name and password at join platform and go to the menu REGISTRATION “register an organization” and briefly fill the fields ONLY THE FIELDS  WITH A STAR  *

The fields with star are in limited number 

-Name of the organization *


-Mission / brief description (limit of 1000 characters) * (just write a few words)

-Main thematic areas of activity of the organization (select several from 200 articles and possibly “others” at the end of the list) * (just select one for a start)

-Type of organization * (select)

-Scope of the organization’s action * ( select)

-Spaces on social networks where to interact with the organization * (just write a few words and give a facebook group for example)

-I declare that I have read and noted this information on the Use and protection of organizational data *

and press SUBMIT button – you should have a message on top of page that your organization was successfully submitted  



STEP 3/ (optional / after completing step2  you can go to step 4, but do step 3 asap)  Improve  modify   edition Go to menu MY SUBMISSIONS «organization of which I am in charge», find your organization on the left side of page , press «edit» under its name, and fill in fields, upload image etc, and press SAVE/ SUBMIT. Do this  whenever and how many times you want

STEP 4/ Go to menu WSF VIRTUAL FORUM Organization and Search for your organization on the page wiht a word of its title  ( and copy the URL of the displayed page which has the format where xxxx is the number of your organization 

STEP 5/ Paste this link in an email or a social network and disseminate
you disseminate  both
1/ info about your organization and the fact you are participating in WSF, and at the same time
2/  give access  through the right side menu of the page  to the WSF platform showing concretely the diversity and scale of the forum space and  who is doing what in WSF ( organizations with their activities and initiatives)


 Welcome! Your organization is now VISIBLE IN THE WSF space / process, and it can announce, in cooperation with other organizations, “activities” for dialogues and “initiatives of action” (go to the right side menu REGISTRATION in the World Social Forum 2021 platform when you are logged in with your account ) – it can be contacted by other participants through the info you have put in your organization page)

Greetings for your participation in WSF! You are welcome to think about the goals of participation of your organization and how it will use activities and initiatives, those it co organizes with others  and those of other organizations  to progress towards those goals  

Step by step proposed by ForumConnect Collective