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INVITATION Asia Pacific Social Forum Event / January 19-21 towards WSF 2022

Invitation to join an Asia wide process to discuss, debate, network, strategize 

Mobilise towards the World Social Forum in Mexico- from 1 st May 2022.

Participate in the online Asia Pacific Social Forum Event: January 19 to 21, 2022.


Dear friends, comrades, brothers and sisters in the social movements,

The World Social Forum event 2022 is to take place in Mexico from 1 to 7 May 2022. Meanwhile,and an Asia WSF Mobilization process has begun, to re-connect with the global WSF process of exchanges among social movements which emerged from 2001 in Porto Alegre around the slogan- «Another World is Possible!».

This WSF process was conceived as a global dynamic of movements aimed at challenging  the narratives from the dominant power, as seen in the Davos’ World Economic Forum, and seeking alternatives that prioritise social justice and equity.

Asian participation in the WSF process in the last decade  was quite limited due to various reasons. However, since 26thJuly 2021, many social movements, civil society and people’s organizations in the region, began a process of coming together, on a monthly basis in a discussion called  “Asia mobilising towards WSF 2022 in Mexico» to work towards an Asian social forum process.

An inclusive Asia Facilitation Group was thus initiated on 26th September to prepare a proposal for taking further the implementation of the initiative to present to the broader monthly meeting of Asia Mobilizing  group  which are normally held on the 26 th of every month.

The last 26th October meeting decided to convene an online Asia Pacific Social Forum Event from 19 th to 21 st,January 2022. It was felt that it would be a useful process and event for Asian movements/networks. It will be part of  both the build up process toward the WSF 2022 event, and the shaping of an Asia Pacific social forum  process .

The event will consist of self organized online “activities”,  prepared by various organisations or sets of organisations. The event will also be an occasion to highlight various “initiatives of action” assumed by articulations of participant organizations as contributions to “another possible world”.

We invite everyone in Asia and the Asia Pacific to participate in the upcoming  Asia Pacific Social Forum Event, attending and preparing holding activities :  webinars and panel discussions.

Please let us know through filling the «join Asia Pacific Social forum process»  online  form (  link here to come)   if:

A. You will Join the next Asia Mobilizing process meeting on the 26 th of the month.

B. You can join the «Asia Pacific WSF Mobilisation Group» on Whatsapp and / or through a mailing list

C You would like to join some thematic focus groups, where to prepare, with some other organizations present, join activities, and or join initiatives of actions

See Practical info related to this event herebelow

Looking forward to your participation

Endorsing/ Collaborative Organizations towards this event:


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PRACTICAL INFO Asia Social Forum Event online jan 2022

  1. For more information on recent WSF process, please visit:  (2021),, (2018)  and (documentation) – see also WSF principles to be respected when organizing and participating in an event
  2. To join the monthly Asia WSF Mobilizing  initiative meeting on the 26th, register here Register for 26 November meeting here
  3. Access  here the online form for participation in January 2022 Asia social forum Event ( link to come) .Through this form, you can get  included in the Asia WSF mob group, and in the various thematic focus groups
  4. A Social forum website is being prepared for receiving registration of  organizations , activities, initiatives of action and showing their possible visibility in WSF platform (see item5)
  5. You are  also welcome to make your organization visible in the WSF process at large on  and announce activities and initiatives of action – see indications
  6. Visit Asia Social forum  Facebook group
  7. Visit  this  Web page with indications on program and  methodology of the event
  8. Contact with facilitating group for the Asia wsf mob process at :